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Hexbug Robot Wars IR Dual PackHexbug Robot Wars IR Dual Pack

Are you ready to wreak robotic wreckage like a bot out of heck? We thought so, which is why we’re super-excited to offer you a battle pack that’ll have you grinning from gear to gear! It’s this Robot Wars IR Dual Pack, which gives you 2 awesome robotic warriors in one amazing package!

There’s nothing sadder than a mechanical maniac with nothing to fight, which is why this kit is a cog-send! The pack gives you 2 robots, which go by the names of Impulse and Royal Pain. (Yes, they would be kick-ass names for your fists, too… but, they’re kick-ass robots, which is kick-assier!).

Let’s take a look at Impulse (and we’re not talking about the urge to buy chocolates at the supermarket checkout). This is a battling robot that uses a destructive disk to deal damage to its competition. With three hooks on the disk, it’s possible to push, punish, and possibly flip the Impulse’s opponent.

The Royal Pain uses a downward swinging battle axe to good-knight its opponents. It also has an angled, plough-style fender at its front that can be used to flip adversaries or hold them in place so they feel the full brunt of the Royal Pain’s axe.

This Robot Wars pack comes with batteries, so you can get battling almost as soon as you get these bots out of their box. Also in the box are the robots’ easy-to-use remote controllers, giving you complete control over the carnage!

Are you ready to rumble… robotically? Good! Get your Robot Wars IR dual pack today and let the battle begin!


- It’s a pack of 2 Robot Wars robots!
- Contains Impulse and Royal Pain
- Controlled by easy-to-use remote controllers (included)
- Perfect Robot Wars starter kit!
- Includes batteries



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