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Penny Nickel Canary 2015Penny Nickel Canary 2015

About the Canary 27"
Combining classic colours with a sense of fun, the Penny Canary 27” is a great addition to the Painted Fades range. Personalise your Penny by skating it often to reveal its blue deck underneath – your fade will be unique to you!

The Set Up
Penny’s Canary 27” is a bright and bold Penny board that fades from yellow to red then blue, with a blue deck underneath the paint. You’ll feel stable with a little more plastic underfoot riding the 27” board size, which is great for learning or practising new tricks. Your Penny board will be unique to you, as the paint fades to reveal your blue deck over time. Personalise your Penny by skating it as much as you can!

Wheels and Bearings
Yellow 59mm 83A wheels complement the colours of your Painted Fades board. Made from Penny's high quality, chip-resistant formula, these wheels are designed to last, and give you smooth ride.

Faded colour powder coated trucks blend into the Painted Fades board design, so your board fades from top to bottom. The high-quality aluminium construction of Penny trucks keeps your ride light, strong, and ready to carve.

The 27" Canary features red high tensile bolts to complement your deck colours and yellow wheels.



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