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AstroJax V-MaxAstroJax V-Max
The Astrojax V-Max is designed for speed. It's the fastest version of Astrojax. Astrojax is hottest item in the UK and is sweeping across North America. Even NASA astronauts experimented with it in space. This easy to use toy has 3 balls that rotate with a rhythmic action. Learn the tricks or make up your own.


Astrojax V-MAX are made of high quality polycarbonate.
The new design minimizes friction and allows fast, smooth playing action.
The strong transparent shells nicely feature the patented precision-machined metal weights inside.
Each set of Astrojax comes with a trick sheet
Each set of Astrojax comes an aj-dos (Astrojax Docking Station) which is prefect for carrying or storing Astrojax.
V-MAX are available in three cool vmax colors: Ice-Blue, Citrus and Ruby.
Recommended for ages 6 years and up.



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