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Juggle Dream Lunar Spin LEDJuggle Dream Lunar Spin LED

The Lunar Spin diabolo by Juggle Dream has fast become one of our favourite diabolos for grinding tricks. But that would be selling it short as a diabolo with limited selling points. Admittedly the wide, metal axle is lovely, but the translucent hubs give the whole model a spooky, ethereal feel. They really come into their own when you attach the multi-coloured LED kits. You're going to want to play with this diabolo outside this Winter. Each LED kit replaces the end nut on the axle and weighs so little that the diabolos performance won't be affected. Its medium size means that its suitable for all age groups and its very well balanced. Basically, a fantastic all rounder! Great for grinding, thowing and catching! we're expecting this to become the diabolo of choice this Christmas.

Sold Diabolo only - Don't forget your sticks.



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