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Safety First

By following the safety guidelines set out below, you will become a responsible, competent and safe kite flyer.
Never fly near overhead power lines
Never fly near roads
Never fly near buildings
Never fly near animals
Never fly within 5KM of an airport
Never fly using lines longer than 60m
Always check the wind before you launch your kite, beginners should start in light wind, and progress with experience.
Beginners should avoid gusty wind conditions.
Always fly within your ability, never underestimate the power of the wind.
Always be aware of people around you, spectators can become curious, if they move to close, land your kite and wait until the have moved on.
Always wear appropriate safety equipment for the activity you are doing.
Always pay attention to any local rules or by-laws
Check your equipment regularly for signs of wear, replace any worn parts.
Safe operation of your kite is your responsibility, please observe these safety guidelines each time you fly.

Traction and Power kite sports can be dangerous.

The risks are much reduced if the proper safety equipment is worn; a helmet, knee and elbow pads.

Please see our Safety Section HERE for further details.
Online Catalogue > Kites > Buggies & Boards

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