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Choosing a kite

If you are fairly new to kite flying, or if you are buying a kite as a present, the following is a guide to help you select the right kite.

Single Line
These fun, easy to fly kites require little or no skill to fly and come in a brilliant range of designs. They are suited to people who want a relaxing flying experience and also kids under 10 years of age. The potential for frustration is minimised.

Twin Line
These kites, also known as "stunt kites", are flown on two lines and can be made to perform dives, loops, ground passes and a whole range of exciting manoeuvres. For to people who want a more interactive kite flying experience, not suited to kids under 8 years of age. We have broken this group into kites for beginners/improvers and for more experienced flyers.

Quad Line Precision
A specialist kite design where the pilots can really develope their skills. These kites are capable of flying both forward and backwards, with other unique tricks like spinning on the spot.

Also flown on two lines, these kites perform the same basic tricks as the stunt kites, but with increased speed and power. If you really fancy a challenge and the thrill of flying a kites at speeds of over 100mph, then look no further. Not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

Flown mainly on four lines, these kites are designed for pulling - Whether you are just on your feet, on a kite buggy, mountainboard or even skis. When mastered, these kites are capable of propelling you along at speeds of over 50mph.

Kite Surf
These are traction kites for water use only.

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