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Pocket Sled

Pocket Sled

You never know when the perfect breeze is going to blow. With these Konvertible Kites you'll never miss an opportunity to catch the wind. This convenient portable nylon pouch transforms quickly and easily into a sled kite. Complete with tail and line.

Colours may vary

Ages 6 & up.

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These are the rules for safe yo-yoing.
Have respect for yourselves and other yo-yoers.
Never misuse your yo-yo, as this can be dangerous to you and others.
Always keep your yo-yo at a safe distance from your face and eyes. Yo-yo with your arm stretched out in front of you as the yo-yo can return at any time. Never look down over your yo-yo.
Do not throw a spin at other people.
Always be aware of your surroundings when yo-yoing.
Always ensure that others are a safe distance away (1.5m in all directions).
Always make sure that your string is in good condition.
Never use a damaged yo-yo.
Always be safe and have fun

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