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HQ StratusHQ Stratus

This all-round kite combines state-of-the-art technological expertise to make light wind kite flying fun. Stratus delivers outstanding light wind performance on calm days when other kites will not get off the ground. Even the slightest breeze of 2 mph is sufficient to fly this machine high into the sky. Stratus masters the latest freestyle acrobatics and most of the old and new tricks while ensuring a high level of precision – all at a down to earth price. The Stratus glides with the slightest breeze, but even higher winds above 13 mph will not throw this kite off track. With the Stratus, almost any day is a good day to fly.

Width 185 cm / 73"
Height 76 cm / 30"
Sail Ripstop-Nylon
Frame Carbon 4 + 5 mm
Line incl. 25 kp / 55 lb., 2 x 25 m / 80 ft. on Winder with straps
Wind 1-4 Bft. (3-22 km/h, 2-14 mph)
Age 14 +



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